Saturday, May 3, 2008


The concept of pooling money to increase your chances of sharing in a major lottery jackpot has a proven track record. Families, friends, and co-workers have been participating in pools for as long as lotteries have been in existence. That's the first way our system helps to increase your chances to win cash. Members who use our Team Management Software to pool with others, increase their chances to share in a $multi-million jackpot.

Yet it's the opportunity to build a business generating residual income that truly makes XZotto unique. XZotto is a dynamic resource that will help you set up and manage your team of players as well as build a profitable business in a $200 Billion market. We provide our Independent Marketing Representatives (IMRs) the flexibility needed to pool with family, friends, and business associates anywhere in the world, while building a profitable business. This Simple Success System provides a Win - Win opportunity for both lottery players and entrepreneurs.

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Lottery Guy said...

Problem is Xzotto is not really a lottery pool. You get a percentage of the winnings of those people you introduce, but that's not a lotto pool. Because those people get no share of your winnings. They get no share of any winnings until they also go out and introduce other people.

Same is true of the free player option, where a player pays the normal ticket price, doesn't share in any other tickets, but loses 50% of their winnings to other members.

A lottery pool is where everyone pays in, buys tickets and shares winnings between them.

MichaelPickens said...

You are right. In the traditional sense it is not a lottery pool. But it allows people with ambition and drive to build their own lottery downlines to increase their chances to win. I have been in Xzotto for 4 months and I have a downline of 180 people. Which means I play on 180 tickets every drawing. If your not into network marketing and promoting then Xzotto is not for you.